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Athletic training students use METIman patient simulator

The University of Tulsa Oxley College of Health Sciences prides itself on offering students an array of experiential learning opportunities to increase their skills and prepare them for professional practice. The Master in Athletic Training program utilizes METIman®, a high-fidelity patient simulator, who for today’s scenario is wearing The University of Tulsa Golden Hurricane football uniform. METIman is part of Oxley’s Lawson Family Nursing Simulation Center and Skills Lab, which includes state-of-the-art equipment for student learning.

Patient simulations and clinical rotations prepare students for professional practice.

“Our simulated patient allows us to educate the athletic training students on injury and illness-based scenarios, increasing in complexity as they advance through the Master of Athletic Training degree program,” said Rachel Hildebrand, clinical assistant professor and director of TU’s Athletic Training Program. As students proceed through the program, METIman’s injuries become progressively more difficult to identify. At the beginning, students check consciousness, pulse and apply CPR. “By the last semester of the program, the simulations are more difficult. We have a great relationship with our football coaches who participate in the simulation so that the student can experience what it’s like to manage an injured athlete while managing bystanders, such as coaches and other distractions, adding an extra dimension of difficulty to the simulation,” Hildebrand said.

TU athletic training students receive one-on-one mentoring.

Athletic training students also participate in supervised practice which includes rotations at Tulsa-area high schools, colleges and clinics — Bishop Kelley High School, Broken Arrow High School, Owasso High School, Union High School, Jenks High School, Bixby High School, Metro Christian Schools, Oral Roberts University and Eastern Oklahoma Orthopedic Center. They also work with the clinical athletic trainers with each TU team — football, basketball, rowing, soccer, track and field, volleyball, tennis and softball.

Through each rotation, TU athletic training students are provided with one-on-one mentoring from a certified athletic trainer, also known as a preceptor. TU arranges each clinical rotation and matches students with preceptors so they can spend more time learning and less time searching for experiential opportunities.

TU athletic training grads achieve 95% first-time certification exam pass rate.

In the past seven years, TU’s athletic training program graduates have achieved a 95 percent Board of Certification Exam pass rate. TU is the only school in Oklahoma to offer the accelerated five-year master’s program. Since graduating, TU students have accepted certified athletic training positions with the Los Angeles Dodgers and Texas Rangers organizations, Disney Wide World of Sports, University of Oklahoma, as well as many area high schools and orthopedic clinics.

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