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Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Whether you are a student interested in law, medicine, pharmaceuticals or teaching, a chemistry or biochemistry degree prepares you for excellence in many different disciplines.

Chemistry and biochemistry majors receive individual attention in intimate learning environments where lab sections rarely exceed 30 students. The TU curriculum emphasizes laboratory experience and culminates with a capstone senior research project. This early involvement in the field provides students with valuable experience in the conceptual basis and experimental nature of chemistry and biochemistry.

  • Alumni

    The demand for chemistry and biochemistry professionals has grown considerably in recent years. Environmental concerns are a top priority in industrial fields, and a degree in chemistry or biochemistry provides the essential knowledge and skills required for vast career options including hazardous waste management and greenhouse climate changes. Many of our graduates establish careers in medicine or other health sciences. The chemistry and biochemistry disciplines offer foundational components used today in the development of new materials, an age also known as the silent technical revolution.

  • American Chemical Society TU Student Chapter

    Students are encouraged to join TU’s student-affiliate chapter of the American Chemical Society, an organization that fosters camaraderie among students and provides opportunities to attend scientific meetings, present research papers, visit local industrial plants and laboratories, and connect with established scientists. The chapter also collaborates with the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry to host an annual program of national speakers. Learn more about the American Chemical Society.