Facilities - Oxley College of Health & Natural Sciences


The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry has excellent facilities. Below is a list of our resources. To help understand the quality of our facilities, indication of the cost of an item is shown by:

no asterisk less than $50,000;
* $50,000 -$100,000;
** above $100,000 to $300,000;
*** above $300,000 to $1M.
**** over $1M

Chromatography Instrumentation

  • Shimadzu GC/MS QP2010 with static headspace*
  • Beckman Coulter MDQ Capillary Electrophoresis with Diode Array Detection and Sample Cooling Stage
  • Agilent 1100 Gradient Liquid Chromatograph with Diode Array Detection
  • Dionex DX-100 Ion Chromatograph
  • HP 5890 Gas Chromatograph
  • Shimadzu GC 2014 Gas Chromatographs (Two)
  • Shimadzu GC-17A/QP5000 Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer*
  • Varian Exactive GC-MS/MS Gradient Liquid Chromatography***


  • WiTec Near-field Scanning Optical Microscope***
  • JY64000 Raman/microRaman Spectrometer**
  • Olis RSM 1000 UV-Visible Stopped-Flow Spectrometer*
  • Varian 50 Bio UV-Visible spectrometer
  • Shimadzu UV 1800 UV-Visible spectrometer
  • Laser Photonics L5830 Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometer
  • Varian 400 MHz NMR with Multi-Nuclear Capabilities***
  • Nicolet iS50 FTIR Spectrometer with Far IR options*
  • Perkin Elmer 2380 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer
  • Perkin Elmer P2000 Inductively-Coupled Plasma Atomic Emission Spectrometer**
  • Tecan Safire Dual Monochrometer Fluorescence/Absorbance Plate Reader (X2)

Electrochemical Instrumentation

  • HP 4194a Impedance/Gain Phase Analyzer
  • Solartron 1260A Impedance Analyzer with 1296A Dielectric Interface
  • Maccor 2300 Battery Test System
  • PAR 2273 Potentiostat

Calorimetery Systems

  • Parr Solution and Bomb Calorimeters
  • Mettler Thermal Analysis System: 822e DSC, 851e TGA*

Surface Chemistry Instrumentation

  • VCA Contact Angle/ Maximum Bubble Pressure Surface Tension Apparatus
  • Nanovia profilometer

Chemical Synthesis

  • Two mBraun Glove boxes
  • Schlenk Line Systems
  • Solvent Purification Systems

Microscopy Instrumentation

  • FEI 600 Scanning Electron Microscope/Focused Ion Beam System with cryo and e-beam capabilities****
  • Brucker Nanoscope IV Atomic Force Microscope 160 x 160 mm Scan Range**
  • Agilent 5500 Series STM/AFM with liquid and electrochemical capabilities**
  • Nikon Eclipse Inverted Fluorescence Microscope

Miscellaneous Instrumentation

  • Real Time PCR
  • Liminometer
  • Flow Cytometer
  • Omni RT Centrifuge

Computer Resources

  • Student access to the 71 PCs in the Keplinger Hall Computer Rooms (Rooms L1, L2, M7 in Keplinger Hall)
  • Six Dedicated Computer for Chemistry and Biochemistry Student Use
  • A Quad Xenon Workstation
  • Numerous computers in faculty research labs
  • Spartan 14 molecular Modeling Program and Odyssey program. Thirty-site licenses so that 30 students can use the program simultaneously on the computers in Keplinger Hall