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Clinical experiences lead to nursing externships and jobs

Hands-on learning is essential in nursing to acquire skills and practice the art of caring for patients. At The University of Tulsa School of Nursing, students learn through classroom and laboratory simulations, as well as through a series of clinical rotations at Tulsa’s top three hospitals, public schools and regional clinics.

Clinical experience is to nurses what an internship is to business students. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN), hands-on job experience prepares nursing students for a diverse patient-care environment in a variety of settings. This is due to the broad field of nursing in which there are many specialties, care settings and positions. Clinical experience before entering the professional world provides a vast wealth of knowledge.

TU’s clinical nursing instructors are an integral part of the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. They help transfer classroom learning to the practice setting and become an integral part of the student’s life serving as a coach and advocate.

“We work to help students learn through real-life experiences,” said Carla Lynch, clinical assistant professor of nursing. “TU sets up clinical rotations at the ‘big three’ hospitals in Tulsa as well as public schools, and mobile and regional clinics. We arrange these rotations for our students and then help them apply externships and RN positions.”


Take nursing student Matthew Tygart for example … he discovered through participating in clinical rotations that he wanted to work in pediatrics. TU helped with his externship application and references for St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa. After successfully completing his externship, he was offered a position as nurse technician in the pediatric oncology unit in the St. Francis Children’s Hospital.

TU offers a bachelor of science in nursing and RN to BSN degrees. For those who want to pursue graduate work in nursing, TU also offers a doctor of nursing practice degree with specialties including family nurse practitioner and adult-gerontology acute care nurse practitioner.

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