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Community Medicine

TU’s College of Health Sciences is advancing the university’s mission of providing a quality education to students entering the healthcare industry and related fields while supporting our commitment to improve the lives of Oklahomans. TU is at the forefront of increasing access to medical facilities locally, nationally and globally as well as training the next generation of health care providers and researchers … one of the most noble goals in academia today.

The University of Tulsa collaborates with the University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine’s Physician Assistant Program, one of the strongest primary care PA programs in the country, by providing pre-clinical instruction. View additional information about this program.

Physician assistants are healthcare professionals authorized to practice under the supervision of licensed physicians, and the field is one of the fastest growing professions in the country. Students in this unique program collaborate in an interdisciplinary environment and focus on underserved care and available resources throughout the Tulsa community.

TU and OU-Tulsa also have a joint affiliation with the William K. Warren Foundation at the Laureate Institute for Brain Research and have forged valuable research partnerships in the areas of immunology and cancer, informatics and the neurosciences.

Early Careers in Medicine

The Early Careers in Medicine (ECM) program provides highly qualified undergraduate students at The University of Tulsa with a unique opportunity to pursue an early provisional acceptance into the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine program, leading to an M.D. degree.

OU-TU Physician Assistant Program

We are proud to offer an outstanding and unique educational experience for future physician assistants who are committed to primary care and the underserved in Oklahoma.  The OU-TU SCM PA program represents a joint effort between the University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine and the University of Tulsa to provide one of the strongest primary care PA programs in the country.
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