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Athletic Training Accelerated Program

This unique program is designed so that students can complete both the Bachelor of Science in EXSS and the Master of Athletic Training degree in a total of 5 years. Upon completion of the pre-professional portion of this degree plan, admittance into the professional program is competitive. Students in the Accelerated B.S. + MAT program who satisfactorily fulfill all requirements outlined are guaranteed admission into the MAT portion of the program.

Athletic trainers are healthcare professionals who work closely with physicians to not only administer preventive and emergency injury care for athletes and physically active individuals, but also follow through by setting up the treatment regimen and rehabilitation protocol.


Employment of athletic trainers is projected to grow 21 percent through 2022, which is faster than the average for all occupations. Most career opportunities for certified athletic trainers are found in sports medicine/orthopedic clinics, universities, colleges, high schools and industrial settings. Historically, athletic trainers have worked with athletes in organized sports. In the traditional setting, the athletic trainer must work closely with the coaching staff, the team physician and the athlete to coordinate an effective rehabilitation program.

In recent years, the profession has branched out, and now athletic trainers provide services to recreational athletes and others injured due to physical activity, such as accidents in the workplace. Certified athletic trainers are employed by the military, Cirque du Soleil, Ford, Disneyland and other corporations to provide rehabilitation services to injured employees and to develop and implement prevention programs.

Degree Options

Effective spring 2016, The University of Tulsa is no longer admitting students into the Undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training program. Students interested in athletic training as a career should pursue either the 5-year accelerated Bachelor of Science in Exercise & Sports Science + Master of Athletic Training or the 2-year Master of Athletic Training.

Athletic Training, Accelerated Master’s

Provides structured classroom and supervised practice experiences to prepare a student for admission to the professional Master of Athletic Training degree, and then for an entry-level position in athletic training.

Practice Settings

  • Sports Medicine Clinics
  • Orthopedic Clinics
  • Hospitals/Medical Centers
  • Universities/Colleges/High Schools
  • Recreational Centers
  • Military
  • Industrial