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Clinic Scholarships

Scholarships for clinical services are awarded each semester by the Departmental Clinic Committee. All scholarships are granted based on needs of the client/family, the clinical experience requirements of students in speech-language pathology and the availability of funds. Scholarships may cover part of the cost of services or the entire cost of services; that is, recipients may be required to make co-payments for each session based on reported income levels.

Scholarships are available to clients who attend the Mary K. Chapman Clinic through two sources: the Bernsen Fund and the Trustees Discretionary Fund.

The Bernsen family has donated funds to provide speech, language and hearing evaluation and therapy services to children and adults who are not able to afford them. Priority for these scholarships is given to children, and the amount of money available varies each year based on interest income generated by the fund.

The Trustees Discretionary Fund has given funds to the Department of Communication Services & Disorders to support clinical services to children and adults who are Spanish-speaking and/or from low-income households. These monies are designed to help those in the communities located near The University of Tulsa, but they are not limited to this area. Additionally, these funds pay for interpreters for all services provided by the clinic.