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Exercise and Sports Science Undergraduate Program

Exercise and Sports Science practitioners provide health care, technique/skill instruction and performance enhancement for the physically active population. Students gain foundational knowledge for this practice by studying how physical activity influences the human body. Clinical skill acquisition is also a necessary component. Courses within this degree program address both areas.

The Exercise and Sports Science program reflects the unique nature of the university and the community. The program is built on a foundation of scientific knowledge specific to the human body and how it is impacted by physical activity or physical stress. The Exercise and Sports Science degree program at TU has the flexibility to prepare students for healthcare graduate or professional programs such as medicine, athletic training, physical therapy, cardiac rehabilitation and other fields closely related to exercise science, or to enter a corporate or commercial fitness setting.

Practice Settings

  • Sports Medicine Clinics
  • Orthopedic Clinics
  • Hospitals/Medical Centers
  • Universities/Colleges/High Schools
  • Recreational Centers
  • Military
  • Organized Sports

The science foundation of the Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Science degree is complemented by practical application. Students majoring in exercise and sports science complete internships tailored to their specific career goals. Internships are designed to provide students opportunities to acquire clinical skills and ensure they are prepared to function in their chosen career setting. Students gain valuable firsthand experience, which strengthens their knowledge base and enhances their position in the job market after graduation. The city of Tulsa has an extensive medical community that offers a variety of student internship settings; in particular, physical therapy clinics and wellness/fitness centers.

Exercise and Sports Science, B.S.E.S.S.

Provides structured classroom and clinical experiences to prepare a student for an entry-level position in exercise and sports science.

Coaching Minor

Prepares students for coaching positions in a variety of athletic settings.

Pre-health Professions

Students interested in pursuing studies in medicine, physician’s assistant or similar programs