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Clinical Experiences

Nursing students begin their clinical experience during the spring semester of the sophomore year with their first Nursing Interventions course and continue through their senior year. Students will have experiences in acute care agencies, clinics, home health agencies, hospices, schools, child care facilities and long-term care agencies.

Clinical Course Hours per Week Clincal Experience
NSG 2273 Nursing Interventions I 9 Lab, child care, long-term care
NSG 3174 Nursing Interventions II 12 Medical-surgical, obstetrical, home visits and health fairs
NSG 3274 Nursing Interventions III 12 Medical-surgical, pediatrics, community health settings
NSG 4174 Nursing Interventions IV 12 Medical-surgical, psychiatric (acute and community), community clinics
NSG 4275 Nursing Interventions V 15 Leadership Experience in Hospital

Major Clinical Agencies

Hillcrest Medical Center
Laureate Psychiatric Clinic and Hospital
Saint Francis Hospital
St. John Medical Center