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Nursing Graduate Progam FAQs

Is there a part-time track?

The FNP and AG-ACNP programs are designed to be completed in sequence on a full-time basis to provide the best learning environment from interprofessional collaboration in clinical sites, human patient simulation labs, and other nursing students.

The first semester of the Post-Master’s to DNP program is full-time (9 hours), the remaining semesters are part-time. This program is planned to incorporate classwork and research with the student’s clinical practice.

Is this an online/distance program?

No. We feel that local faculty and facilities are essential in providing optimum learning environments to prepare nurse clinicians and leaders for the future.

Are any of the classes online?

Many classes have online components (asynchronous learning), that have a significant portion delivered asynchronously. However, there are portions that will require campus attendance. Lab courses and courses using the Human Patient Simulation lab will be on campus.

Can I work and attend school?

You may be able to work, but it should not be an excuse for poor academic performance. The time commitment of the programs is extensive, especially during clinical years, and may preclude outside employment.

What experience do I need?

A minimum of one year of nursing experience in direct patient care is expected. The AG-ACNP program expects one year of experience in a high-acuity care environment and providing direct nursing care.

Do I need board certifications for acceptance (CCRN, RN-BC, CEN)?

No, However, certifications may be beneficial for a competitive application.

Do I need to take the GRE?

No. The GRE is not required.

Are scholarships available?

Yes, there are scholarships available.

Are all of the classes at the Oxley Health Sciences Facility (downtown Tulsa)?

All classes, with the exception of many clinical sites, are at TU’s Oxley Health Sciences Facility. This facility is designed for health science education, with extensive lab and simulation spaces.

How do I find a preceptor?

To ensure quality learning environments, clinical sites and preceptors are selected by Program Directors and Faculty. We expect students to focus on learning rather than locating preceptors.