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Department of Geosciences

Department of Geosciences

TU’s Department of Geosciences offers unparalleled academic and research opportunities for students interested in geology, geophysics, environmental geology and biogeosciences. Traditionally, our geosciences program focuses on sedimentary geology and petroleum geophysics. Other department strengths include sedimentology, structural geology, geochemistry, organic geochemistry, petroleum geology, Earth surface processes and igneous petrology. Progressive curriculum standards challenge our students, and we invite them to participate in specialized, exclusive research projects.

Our degree plans are enriched with physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science and petroleum engineering courses that diversify our students for their future endeavors. Dedicated faculty strive to provide students with a sound foundation in the basic sciences while placing emphasis on the energy-related fields of exploration, environment and resources. Our students are welcome to join TU’s active Geosciences Club that hosts scholarly meetings and social events.


Our graduates are well respected in the petroleum industry as well as other professions where employees study the physical aspects of Earth. They establish careers in the industrial, government, legal and academic arenas as well as environmental companies that specialize in monitoring and remediation. Geoscientists enjoy the freedom of multiple work environments and utilize office, laboratory and outdoor space to complete their projects. Job opportunities at state and federal agencies continue to grow as more Americans demand improved land and resource management.

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