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Geosciences Graduate Programs

Geologists study the history, materials, processes and products of the Earth

Geologists study the history, materials, processes and products of the Earth. Some pursue solely academic interests such as how mountains form and erode while others are interested in practical applications, exploring fossil fuels and minerals or planning construction sites and disposal locations. A geologist studies environmental impact.


The Department of Geosciences offers master of science degrees with specialization in geology, geophysics and environmental science.

Students research the most effective ways to detect oil, iron, copper, and many other minerals in the Earth while learning to identify and survey properties for environmental hazards. Our students also study the structure above and below the Earth’s surface to investigate earthquakes, oceanic shifts and other physical changes of our planet. Students are motivated to apply these principles creatively through training in advanced methods of analysis, research and synthesis. Graduates use their education to establish respectable careers in academia, consulting, industry and government.

  • Program Learning Outcomes

    Master of Science in Geosciences

    1. Evaluate and critique Earth system models displaying a graduate-level of understanding (evaluate in essay exams for courses and research proposal).
    2. Develop and defend a research subject and a research plan (research proposal).
    3. Execute the research plan to completion with defendable results (thesis progress report).
    4. Produce a body of written work demonstrating proficiency in analysis of Earth-system data and research design (thesis and report).
    5. Develop geosciences professional profile and skillset.
  • Degree Options


    Prepares students for careers as professional geologists or for additional education at the doctoral level.


    Prepares students for careers as professional geologists but intended for students who plan to conduct less research than graduate students who prepare a thesis.

  • Professional Opportunities
    • Geoscientist
    • Resources manager
    • Health and safety researcher
    • Environmental forensics technician
  • Application Requirements

    To be considered for graduate admission, the following items must be submitted to the Graduate School:

    • A completed Graduate School application
    • Statement of Purpose (admission essay)
    • 2 – 3 letters of recommendation from individuals who can comment on your academic potential.
    • Official or unofficial transcripts from all universities attended
    • GRE General Test results
    • $60 application fee
    • International students who studied at a university outside of the U.S. will also need to submit TOEFL or IELTS results