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Geosciences Undergraduate Programs

Geologists study the history, materials, processes and products of the Earth. Some pursue solely academic interests such as how mountains form and erode while others are interested in practical applications, exploring fossil fuels and minerals or planning construction sites and disposal locations. A geologist studies environmental impact.

The Department of Geosciences offers bachelor of science with specialization in geology, geophysics, environmental science and petroleum engineering.

TU’s curriculum provides a sound foundation in the basic sciences while engaging in energy-related fields of exploration, environment and resources. The bachelor of science degree in geosciences with a geology option prepares students for careers in the study of Earth’s physical characteristics including composition and structure. The environmental science option is designed for students who intend to work as geoscientists at organizations, corporations and government entities.

  • Program Learning Outcomes

    Bachelor of Science in Geosciences

    1. Describe and demonstrate an understanding of Earth systems spatially and/or temporally.
    2. Draw and diagram Earth-system data using academic- and/or industry-relevant techniques.
    3. Apply Earth-systems knowledge to evaluate contemporary environmental/social issues.
    4. Design and defend a geoscience objective or project using combined knowledge of Earth-systems and supporting disciplines.
    5. Criticize and compare/contrast conceptual hypotheses in the geosciences.
  • Degree Options


    Prepares students for careers in the study of Earth’s physical characteristics including composition, structure and processes. Track options available in Geology, Environmental Science, Petroleum Engineering, and Geophysics.


    Students from other disciplines may minor in geosciences.

  • Typical Four-Year Schedule
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    *Introduction to College Writing or its equivalent may be a prerequisite in some cases.
    ++Courses that fulfill Blocks I, II, and III are listed each semester in the advising center and in the university
    schedule of courses.

  • Professional Opportunities
    • Senior geologist
    • Reservoir geologist
    • Exploration geologist
    • Remediation specialist
    • Earth modeler