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Institute for Health Care Delivery Sciences

Combining academic rigor with rich experience from our community partners, the TU Institute for Health Care Delivery Sciences seeks ways to leverage scientific principles to solve today’s most challenging care delivery issues. Our mission is to understand, harness, and raise the value of healthcare across a nation of richly diverse communities. The Institute aspires to improve the value of health to the community by promoting high quality care that is accessible, affordable, safe, efficient, ethical, and more satisfying to all.

The TU Institute for Health Care Delivery Sciences works to:

  • Approach health care transformation through the lens of scientific analysis and discovery
  • Contextualize all health care challenges within the broader social determinants of health
  • Critically appraise the current state of health care, while “thinking differently” to design the delivery system of the future
  • Convene disparate stakeholders, including providers, managers, payers, consumers and purchasers of healthcare – helping them build a common language, framework and understanding around complex delivery issues
  • Collaborate with non-traditional academic disciplines when solving health care problems, including engineering, law, business, computer science, informatics, sociology, humanities and history
  • Conduct much of our work beyond the University’s borders, addressing the needs of diverse patients, populations and communities
  • Shape the next generation of leaders charged with managing health care transformation across the entire economy