Institute for Health Care Delivery Sciences - The University of Tulsa

Institute for Health Care Delivery Sciences

The University of Tulsa’s Institute for Health Care Delivery Sciences has a singular mission: to develop and re-engineer health care so that it addresses the evolving needs of complex and diverse populations. We aspire to promote accessible, affordable, safe, efficient, high-quality, ethical and more satisfying care for everyone.

Our work

We combine academic rigor with the rich experience of our many community partners. Our work is focused on:

  • Approaching health care transformation through the lens of scientific analysis and discovery
  • Contextualizing all health care challenges within the broader social determinants of health
  • Critically appraising the current state of health care, while “thinking differently” to design the delivery system of the future
  • Bringing together disparate stakeholders, including providers, managers, payers, consumers and purchasers of health care services, in order to help them build a common language, framework and understanding around complex delivery issues
  • Collaborating with non-traditional academic disciplines when solving health care problems, including engineering, law, business, computer science, informatics, sociology, humanities and history
  • Conducting much of our work beyond the university’s borders, addressing the needs of diverse patients, populations and communities
  • Shaping the next generation of leaders charged with managing health care transformation across the entire economy

Academic programming

If you are a mid-career professional who wants to become a leader in your organization and the health care sector, consider our Certificate in Health Care Delivery Sciences. Through this online program you will expand your knowledge of the science of health care delivery, quality improvement, population health, strategic planning and health care policy.

Graduate-level training is also available through our unique MBA in Health Care Delivery Sciences. Through this program you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully lead and manage a health care organization in a changing and competitive environment.

For undergraduates, we offer In Sickness and in Health: Analyzing the U.S. Health Care System (HCDS 2013). In this course you will learn about defining health (vs. illness), disease prevention, public health, financing, disparities, ethics, communications, policy, and future trends in health care.