Excellent outcomes cited as reason for choosing TU School of Nursing - Oxley College of Health Sciences

Excellent outcomes cited as reason for choosing TU School of Nursing

Students look at many factors when choosing a college. Matthew Tygart selected TU for several reasons including smaller classes, great student outcomes and an exciting campus life.

Tygart is earning a bachelor of science in nursing at The University of Tulsa School of Nursing in the Oxley College of Health Sciences.

“When choosing a college, I wanted to attend a school where the students exceled on the NCLEX,” said Tygart. The NCLEX is a standardized exam used to determine whether a candidate is prepared for entry-level nursing practice. The TU School of Nursing’s pass rate is higher than Oklahoma and national averages. “That assured me that the education I would get at TU would set me up for success.”

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Tygart also commented, “I also like the fact that class sizes are smaller at TU which allowed me to get to know the faculty on a personal basis. Two faculty members helped guide me toward working in pediatrics.” Through a series of clinical rotations and his externship, Tygart discovered that he wanted to work in pediatric oncology after graduation. “The faculty members helped guide me through my externship application process and provided referrals for the externship which I ultimately obtained.”

In his early college years at TU, Tygart experienced the full college campus life experience joining a fraternity and participating in the Golden Hurricane Spirit Squad.

In his final year of school, Tygart is working as nurse technician in the pediatric oncology unit at St. Francis Children’s Hospital. When asked to sum up his TU story, he said that getting exposure to all aspects of nursing showed him that he will have many career options. “TU set me up for success.”

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